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Timberline Riders Gymkhana Club

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Timberline would like to thank all our sponsors and volunteers that help us to make this club so great

 Be sure to check out our sponsor page for a list of all other sponsors. If needing any of these services please try to use and mention our organization when making any purchases.  Our continued support will help to encourage their support in the future.

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Timberline Riders  News:

Barrels, poles and stakes

Will be the three consistent events at every gymkhana the following is a list of dates that we will be alternating between the others

Timberline Riders Thanks our Sponsors Sponsors

Upcoming Events

May 28 gymkhanas  Work Bee

July 16th & 30th

June 4th, 18th & the 24th

June 24th Steak Dinner Fundraiser

Schooling show TBA

August 13th & 27th

Little Britches Rodeo Steak Dinner

May 14 Rings & Thread The Needle

May 28th Keyhole & Flag

June 4th Rings & Thread The Needle

June 18th Keyhole & Flag

June 24th Rings & Thread The Needle

July 16th Keyhole & Flag

July 30th Rings & Thread The Needle

August 13th Keyhole & Flag

August 27th Rings & Thread The Needle

Sept 10th Keyhole & Flag

Work Bee.pdf